SW Manchester Nordic Walking Club 19th-25th Feb 2018

Upcoming Walks:

Wednesday 21st Feb
Adventure Walk (Gears 2-2.5, 3 optional)
Dunham Massey (clock tower)
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/68309-Adventure-Walks-from-Dunham-Massey

Adventure Walk
2-3pm (Gear 2)
Sale Water Park
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/68321-Adventure-Walk-From-Sale-Water-Park

Saturday 24th February
Adventure Walk (Gear 2, optional 3)
9-12 noon
location: TBC
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/69339-Saturday-Morning-Adventure-Walk

Adventure Walk
2-3pm (Gear 2)
Sale Water Park
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/68327-Adventure-Walk-from-Sale-Water-Park


Wednesdays 21st Feb
Sale Water Park
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/68317-Taster-Session-at-Sale-Water-Park

Saturday 24th Feb
Sale Water Park
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/68319-Taster-Session-at-Sale-Water-Park

‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ Courses:

4 Sessions:
Wednesdays 21st, 28th Feb an 7th, 14th March at SWP – 3.30-4.30pm
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/70419-Learn-to-Nordic-Walk-Course—Week-1

2 Sessions:
Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th Feb 3.30-5pm at SWP
BOOK: https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/69295-Learn-to-Nordic-Walk-Part-1-of-2


Have you chosen the payment option which is right for you?

When it comes to your health, fitness and wellbeing it is important to have consistency in your exercise programme and incorporate physical activity into your daily life……for the long term!

I notice that most of my regular clients are paying as they go….paying £24-32 per month when they could be paying just £18 per month for unlimited walks. That means they could be walking twice a week for less money AND getting twice the fitness benefit! Your heart, lungs and 90% of your muscles will thank you for it!

PLUS you will also get one free walk every month with any other group around the UK (great if you fancy venturing further afield for a walk in Salford, Saddleworth or Delamere Forest but also perfect if you go on holiday anywhere in the UK).

Whats the catch? No catch. We at Nordic Walking UK (and me at SW Manchester Nordic Walking) just want more people to exercise more often and we know that Nordic Walking is the best exercise for everyone. Setting up a monthly payment plan for ONLY £18.00 a month is easy. If you are not sure how then give me a call and we can set your plan up together over the phone.


Note: Recommended Cardiovascular (Aerobic) exercise for health and fitness is 150 mins of moderate CV exercise per week. An exercise that raises your heart rate for a minimum of 20 mins. Although ordinary walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc offer great alternatives, the fact that Nordic Walking offers a ‘full body’ workout makes it by far the best way to get in your required exercise PLUS its fun, its out in nature, is social, etc, etc, etc……..

You may say ‘Isn’t swimming a full body workout’? Swimming is great for many reasons but it is a non-weight bearing activity and therefore does not strengthen our bones sufficiently to prevent osteoporosis and it is also mainly a front of the body activity which encourages poor posture and tightness across the chest if not counter balanced with an effective stretching routine afterwards.

Regular walking and jogging only use the lower body i.e. 60% of our total power and as for cycling, this can cause tightness across the chest muscles and hip flexors which then leads to poor posture and possible back issues.



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